Disaster Planning & Preparation in Southwest Louisiana

We at the American Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, do not wait until disaster strikes; our planning and preparation begins long before. Each disaster situation has its own specific procedure for response. A plan including coordination of action, materials, and locations is designed. Places are found that can be used as shelters, vendors are contacted about provisions, and drills are made and practiced.

It is because of preparation and planning that the Red Cross can successfully meet the needs of victims. Being able to quickly and skillfully respond is dependent upon having trained and qualified volunteers. Each year new people, ranging from young people to elderly, are educated in disaster awareness and response. It is the willingness and the determination of these volunteers that make the Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana effective and prepared for each disaster.

In the event that the local chapter of the Red Cross cannot fully meet the needs of a disaster situation, national chapters are continually on standby to assist. There are over 1,400 communities across the nation who have volunteer staff ready to respond to neighboring disaster situations. Preparation is all about unity!


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