Volunteer with American Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana

Help us help others and volunteer online today! The American Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana responds daily to the needs of the surrounding communities. Whether responding to disaster, teaching health and safety skills, or bridging the gap of communication for military families, we are holding out our hands to reach others.

The American Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana depends on volunteers to make aid and education continuously available to all. Without the time and dedication of volunteers, we could not fulfill our mission.

Currently there are 150 volunteers enlisted with the American Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana. These 150 volunteers perform on average 2,500 hours of service per year. There are no requirements for being a volunteer except a desire to serve. You choose your hours; we work around your schedule.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ted Shelton at (337) 478-5122. We will evaluate your skills and interests and place you into a position of service. We will provide any special training that you need for a position.

Remember, HELP CAN'T WAIT! The world is looking for a kind heart, dedicated spirit, and an outstretched hand.
The following volunteer positions are in need of filling:

· Clerical: This volunteer area involves typing, filing, and bookkeeping.

· Receptionist: The responsibilities of this position include answering phones, directing calls and visitors, and taking messages.

· Data Entry: Volunteers will enter information such as bookkeeping statements, disaster cases, and class enrollment into databases for organization.

· Casework Management (Disaster and Military): Volunteers interview victims of disaster and military personnel to obtain pertinent information about impending situations.

· Nurses: Volunteer nurses provide medical attention to not only shelter occupants and disaster victims, but also to onsite workers.

· Mental Health Professionals: This job consists of counseling victims and workers and helping them overcome the emotional stress associated with disasters.

· Health and Safety Instructors: Instructors are enlisted to teach community and industry classes such as CPR, First Aid, Life Guard Training, and Workplace Safety.

· Community Education Presenters: These volunteers speak publicly to clubs and groups such as service clubs (Optimist, Kiwanis, etc.) and church groups. They also participate in health and safety fairs by distributing pamphlets.

· Disaster Action Teams: Individuals are gathered to form a team for responding to disaster and emergency situations. These volunteers are placed on call during certain weeks of the year.


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