We Help Southwest Louisiana In Times Of Need

The American Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana strives to provide services that count. Upon the occurrence of a disaster, the Red Cross opens up shelters for those affected and provides meals for families and emergency volunteers. We also meet individually with families to assess their current situation and its extensiveness. By meeting one-on-one with victims, we can determine the available sources of financial or other assistance that meets their specific needs.

The American Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana can provide a link to community and federal aid in cases of long-term recovery.

In addition to caring for victims' material needs, the American Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana also provides treatment for both physical and mental health needs. We realize that a disaster can affect more than just a family's living arrangements; it can take a heavy toll on one's mental well-being. Many times families have ties with loved ones in various communities around the world. The American Red Cross can assist in determining the condition and location of loved ones during precarious times.

We at the American Red Cross of Southwest Louisiana desire to help others in any way that we can!


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